Alter Ego 23


Persona: Wildflower
Persona Vibe: Light Bronze
Background Aura: Vibrant Neon

ALTER EGOS is a collection of high-fashion illustrations that celebrate personal style, embrace expansive identities, and showcase fashion as a powerful expression of self. The collection is an opportunity to step outside ourselves. Read more here.

ALTER EGO NFTs are delivered as high resolution digital assets – 1500x1500 pixels. This asset is delivered to you through your email and your ownership is validated through your wallet address. Alter Ego NFTs are an exclusive Spacey x Anjelica collection of 100 unique, 1/1 NFTs.

Anjelica is an illustrator based in London. She graduated from the prestigious London College of Fashion where she now teaches art. She has worked with top clients such as Vogue, Dior, The New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Magazine, and many more. Anjelica's vibrant, bold avatars embody a high fashion approach never seen in the NFT space. Read more about Anjelica Roselyn here.

You can select to have your NFTs delivered as a physical art piece.

Quality: Our artwork is 100% archival-grade, meeting museum-quality standards. This means your artwork will maintain its superior quality for hundreds of years as a true collector's item.

Authenticity: The quality of your printed artwork is guaranteed in our 'Certificate of Authenticity' which comes with all artwork and is signed by our founder.

Framing: Our gallery-style frames are designed to beautifully showcase each work. Our frames are produced from premium quality wood: custom cut and assembled by hand. Our acrylic protection is crystal clear, UV safe, and acid free (higher quality than glass). * All hanging hardware is included


100 Original Alter Egos


Eye Catcher: 6
Flower child: 6
Cyberpunk: 6
Avatar: 5
Wildflower: 5
Heartthrob: 5
Flower Lily: 5
Monarch: 5
Starlet: 5
Socialite: 4
Queen bee: 4
Peacemaker: 4
Social Butterfly: 4
Alien: 4
Undercover Agent: 4
Dreamcatcher: 4
Nymph: 3
Good Luck Charm: 3
Earthmama: 3
Starburst: 3
Mirage: 3
Feline: 2
Glitter Bomb:
Aqua King: 1
Stargazer: 1
Starcatcher: 1
Natural Beauty: 1


Soft Purple:
Vibrant Purple:
Dark Purple:
Soft Violet: 3
Light Violet: 4
Soft Yellow: 2
Vibrant Yellow: 4
Yellow Neon: 2
Light Neon: 6
Vibrant Neon: 2
Multicolor Neon: 2
Light Turquoise: 5
Vibrant Turquoise: 2
Vibrant Sapphire: 1
Soft Sky: 1
Light Sky: 2
Vibrant Sky: 3
Dark Sky: 2
Multicolor Sky: 2
Soft Blue: 2
Vibrant Blue: 1
Pink: 1
Soft Pink: 2
Light Pink: 1
Dark Pink: 3
Multicolor Pink: 4
Soft Rose: 1
Light Rose: 1
Dark Rose: 1
Blush: 2
Light Blush: 4
Fuchsia: 1
Soft Fuchsia: 1
Vibrant Fuchsia: 2
Multi Color: 1
Soft Orange: 2
Light Orange: 8
Light Bronze: 5
Vibrant Bronze: 1
Multicolor Bronze: 1
Soft Periwinkle: 1
Light Periwinkle: 2
Dark Periwinkle: 1
Light Teal: 1
Dark Teal: 3
Soft Green: 1
Dark Green: 1
Soft Jade: 1
Vibrant Jade: 1
Dark Jade: 1
Soft Scarlet: 2


Soft Sky: 7
Soft Bronze: 1
Soft Blush: 10
Soft Rose: 2
Soft Yellow: 8
Soft Mint: 3
Light Purple: 3
Light Sky: 7
Light Violet: 11
Light Neon: 6
Light Pink: 12
Light Fuchsia: 6
Light Orange: 9
Light Periwinkle: 5
Light Turquoise: 6
Vibrant Neon: 4

Policy ID:


All Spacey NFTs are offered as final sale and inherit a license for personal, non-commercial use. Read the full license here.

Add your 'Alter Ego' to your cart and complete checkout – simple as that! At checkout, you can choose to pay in USD (with a credit card) or Cryptocurrency (with Coinbase)! Buying an NFT is like buying any other piece of artwork on Spacey Studios.

You are emailed a high-resolution image of your NFT. If you include a valid self-custody Cardano Wallet Address at checkout, your NFT will be airdropped in 24 hours. If not, our curators will email you with how to set-up your Wallet!

If you order a physical art print, we offer complimentary standard, domestic shipping – guaranteed to arrive in 5-10 business days. We also offer rush shipping on all domestic orders for a nominal charge – guaranteed to arrive in 3-5 business days.

NFTs  have taken the art world by storm. Not only is it the newest status symbol for the digital age, but also the most valuable way to curate your digital identity. 

Most notably, NFTs are trending as the go-to social media profile picture (also known as PFPs). Using art as your profile picture leaves behind the vanity of a selfie and allow collectors to invest in an artistic, more meaningful version of themselves. 

NFTs are amassing a major community of online collectors and in turn creating huge impact on popular culture. You can read more about the NFT craze here.

Spacey is minting our first NFT collection – ALTER EGOS – on the energy-efficient blockchain Cardano. We know our collectors and artists demand sustainability from their art communities, and we want to empower people to invest in NFTs, so we started on a blockchain that they can trust.

Key Data

Anjelica Roselyn

Press | Vogue, Elle, NYT

Clients | Dior

Education | London College of Fashion (UK)

Influence | 16,800+ Followers


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