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Feel Balanced

“With this series of work, I sought to create pieces that reflect things we all learned in the last year; how to find balance, trust in the unknown, and uncover magic in ordinary parts of the everyday.”

- Viscaya Wagner


Feel Peaceful

"I hope these pieces inspire people to find places that help ground them and clear their minds."

- By Brit Fabelo


Feel Dreamy

“I hope these aerial landscapes provide a limitless source of inspiration and soothing sense of air and freedom.”

- Carolina Della Valle


Feel Elegant

“The idea of simplicity has always fascinated me in art... a few lines representing a lot. It represents my style as well as the times. Our cultural return to nature and a minimalist lifestyle.”

- Augusto B.M


Feel Empowered

“This series is all about fighting our fears - the daily power of overcoming what we are faced with, and the promise of a new beginning.”

- By Ewa Matyja

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