Complimentary Framing

To minimize our waste and environmental impact, we're offering nearly perfect frames at no cost when you collect any artwork on Spacey this week.

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What are ‘nearly perfect’ frames?

Your complimentary frame will arrive in nearly perfect condition. This means your frame may have ever-so-slight marks in the corners, practically imperceptible inconsistencies in the paint, or tiny scratches in the plexiglass. These imperfections are barely visible, and won’t ever distract from your artwork.


How does this reduce waste?

Your 'nearly perfect' frame ensures no materials go to waste. We normally only send frames in perfect condition, which leaves behind high-quality yet slightly scuffed frames that don't meet our strict quality standards. By collecting with us this week, you're ensuring nearly perfect materials do not go to waste — at no cost to you.


What about the artwork?

The quality of your artwork will never be compromised. When you collect a print or commission an original, it will always arrive in 100% perfect condition. Guaranteed. 

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