Spacey Studios is on a mission to democratize the art world – empowering anyone to invest in fine art like a world-class collector (think Sotheby’s for the Robinhood generation). In a market where 90% of people are frustrated by their experience, our tech-powered operations are bringing this $50B legacy industry into the 21st century. Now, Spacey is expanding into a full-service marketplace – the hub for buying, tracking, and trading your entire fine art portfolio – allowing people to realize the value of their art as a true collectible and investment. Since our founding in 2020, Financial Times, Fast Company, and Arch Digest are just a few outlets recognizing us as leaders in the industry.



Spacey is searching for a Head of Engineering to oversee all aspects of technology. This person will recruit and lead an engineering team to architect and build Spacey’s new marketplace and ancillary technologies, and, through their work, convert millions of everyday consumers into world-class fine art collectors. Having full responsibility for all technology developed, this full stack developer will need to work directly across internal teams to consider the entire fine art experience, optimizing for the most efficient and premium services suite for both artists and collectors.

* This role is a part of Spacey's founding team and includes equity, salary and benefits.



  • Design the application foundations around the company vision and customer needs.
  • Architect the tech-stack, data modeling, and infrastructure.
  • Build using the language and frameworks of your choosing.
  • Secure the app and infrastructure with industry standard practices.
  • Deploy to the hosting solution of your choosing.
  • Maintain and refine with a tight feedback loop between the team and customers.
  • Optimize and scale to support high usage growth rates.
  • Work with a L2 Ethereum blockchain as a public and secure database for art certificates of authenticity.
  • Attract and mentor talented developers.



  • Engineering background as a leader for building complex marketplace apps from scratch.
  • Deep understanding of multiple areas of development, with at least an interest in and understanding of using blockchain for public data records (key to our strategy of making art transparent, for physical and digital art).
  • Excellent communicator in team environments, representing our core values in all public and private settings.
  • Interest in fine art, artists, and and driven to open that connection up to the rest of the world.
  • Experience with shipping diverse software successfully.
  • Prioritizes long term vision with platform security and stability in mind.



  • Relationships: We expect our team to create meaningful, authentic, and personal connections with everyone they touch – internally and externally – through a positive and inviting attitude. We are a team of strong communicators and collaborators. Every person is an ambassador and an advocate for the next-generation art world we’re creating together.
  • Innovation: We expect our team to reimagine the future of fine art, throwing out the rule book for ‘how things are’ in fine art, to move forward and reimagine a bigger and better future. We expect our team to use their big picture objectives to reach a higher vision for Spacey. We don’t get stuck in challenges – we use challenges as an opportunity to create new and innovative solutions. We expect our team to bring a tech-first mentality to their roles, automating workflows to guide us toward higher level execution.
  • Quality: We expect our team to always strive to deliver maximum value. We demand excellence from our work, and know the impact the ‘micro’ has on the ‘macro’. We evaluate our work constantly, looking to data to help us understand our performance, and in turn, reach new standards of working. We are always looking for the ultimate way to complete our work, asking ourselves what is the coolest, smartest, most interesting way to approach what we do? We put our ideas into practice by being experts in our field. We expect our team to be constantly learning and reaching new heights.
  • Curation: We take our role as a Curator seriously. We are architects of a new art world and we all feel the responsibility of approaching our work with thought, intention and purpose. We must be the most valuable ‘connector’ between artists and collectors. We must be culturally relevant. We must always teach people about fine art and invite them into Spacey’s world. We must understand the power of visuals and employ cohesive design, aesthetics, and art as a tool in all of our work. By doing this, we help the world understand the value of our brand, our artists, and ultimately their artwork.


To apply, email operations@spaceystudios.com