"We imagined spaces where a women could experience seclusion, empowerment, or serenity in contrast to the wild, dramatic forces of the natural." — Visual Citizens

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Digital Artist • Netherlands

Visual Citizens

Visual Citizens are a design studio of digital illustrators, founded by Shali Moodley and Adam Kelly, based in the Netherlands. Their work has been featured in publications like Fast Company and Dutch Design Week. They have collaborated with top brands such as Elle Decoration NL, Stone & Strand, and Geke Lensink.

Visual Citizens specialize in the creation of dreams and invention of "surreal-alities." As a multidisciplinary design studio, the creative duo marries art, architecture, geometry and sculpture in the design of beautifully composed spaces. Their artwork fuses minimalist forms and textures with a unique subtly of light to instill feelings of seclusion, empowerment, or serenity in contrast to the dramatic forces of the natural world. With an eye on the future and a focus on sensorial experience, Visual Citizens are currently exploring the intersection between digital and physical design. These magical visualizations are a true collaboration between the creative duo, as they both share an appetite for surreal imagery and immersive visual experiences. Visual Citizens creates a heavenly oasis that could only exist in our dreams… and if that’s the case, we’d like to go to sleep now!

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