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Visual Citizens

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Education | 3x Masters in Architectural Design
(University of Houston, South Africa, Edinburgh

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Digital Artist • Netherlands

Visual Citizens

"We imagined spaces where one could experience serenity in contrast to the wild, dramatic forces of the natural."

Visual Citizens are a design studio of digital illustrators, founded by Shali Moodley and Adam Kelly, based in the Netherlands. The pair specializes in the creation of dreams and invention of "surreal-alities." As a multidisciplinary design studio, the creative duo marries art, architecture, geometry and sculpture in the design of beautifully composed spaces. Their artwork fuses minimalist forms and textures with a unique subtly of light to instill feelings of seclusion, empowerment, or serenity in contrast to the dramatic forces of the natural world.

With an eye on the future and a focus on sensorial experience, Visual Citizens are currently exploring the intersection between digital and physical design. These magical visualizations are a true collaboration between the creative duo, as they both share an appetite for surreal imagery and immersive visual experiences. Visual Citizens creates a heavenly oasis that could only exist in our dreams… and if that’s the case, we’d like to go to sleep now!

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