"Viscaya hopes her work brings joy, comfort, inspiration, or motivation to participate in this world in a meaningful way." 

Illustrator • New York

Viscaya Wagner

Viscaya Wagner is an illustrator based in New York City. She has collaborated with top brands such as Adidas, Facebook, and WeWork. 

Viscaya uses the moniker ‘Honey & Rust’ to bring an identity to her artwork as it combines a multitude of aesthetics. She is inspired by both her parents' artwork: her mom’s feminine and organic approach and her dad’s modern, minimalist aesthetic rooted in material and form. Viscaya’s work marries these artistic differences and embraces the evolution of her style. Uniting bold colors, fluid shapes, and natural elements on one pictorial plane, her work embodies the ease and brightness of summertime. Her work is motivated by human nature, our relationship to the natural world, and our relationship to others. 

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