"My drawings and illustrations are influenced by my love of vintage, but also include a love of nature, fashion, history and contemporary lifestyles."

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Illustrator • Florida

Patti Blau

Patti Blau is an illustrator from New York City and now based in Miami, Florida. She graduated with a BFA from Parsons School of Design and has since collaborated with brands like Airbnb, Goya Media, Rae Wellness, Designers Today Magazine and more.

Patti’s drawings and illustrations arrange objects, furniture and clothing to tell a story. Her collage-like style features geometric forms and elements of nature that translate the three-dimensional world around her into flat color and line. Inspired by all things vintage, she incorporates aspects of fashion and history with contemporary lifestyles to capture the essence of the subject. Patti’s playful aesthetic combines distorted shapes and bright colors in abstract compositions and gives us a feeling of joy when experiencing it.

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