"I hope the figures in my work inspires people to feel introspective, curious, and less alone." — Jocelyn Tsaih

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Illustrator • California

Jocelyn Tsaih

Jocelyn Tsaih is a Taiwan-born, Shanghai-raised artist currently based in Oakland, California. Her work has been featured by the The New York Times, Hypebeast, The Atlantic, It’s Nice That, Juxtapoz Magazine, and more. She has also worked with top clients including Spotify, Apple, Airbnb, Google, and Facebook. Jocelyn earned her degree from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City, and since then has exhibited around the world, from California to Tokyo.

Jocelyn's visual style is bold yet minimalist, leaning on simple mark-making to create abstract figures that welcome individual interpretation. They are nameless, genderless, even faceless, yet they capture the spirit of human expression. Her newest collection with Spacey shows a pair of figures representing our inner and outer selves. In each piece, both figures support the other – collaborating, celebrating, and striding forward in unison. We hope this collection empowers you to bring your inner self into the outside world, and in turn, inspires you to celebrate the beauty of living your truth.

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