"My paintings are of real and imagined female figures — androgynous, yet angelic and inseparable from today’s digital world. An idealized, dehumanized yet familiar subject, in short, a reflection of my own idealized self." — Honey Forestier

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Illustrator • New York

Honey Forestier

Honey Forestier is an illustrator born in Rouen, France, and currently based in New York City. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the School of Visual Arts and has since been featured in publications like Bon Femmes and My Art is Real Magazine. 

Honey uses quick, expressionistic lines across a paper or canvas, to illustrate the human form, in all of its glorious architecture. She masterfully captures the body's articulate eloquence in works that display female figure studies. The wealth of clean, simple contour drawings express power with every mark she makes as well as every mark she doesn’t. She transforms simple lines into beautifully mysterious humans while exploring aspects of sexuality and desire, reality, and imagination. Her artwork masterfully blurs the lines between drawing and painting as each line dances out of the page towards us.

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