“I challenge myself to use the act of drawing to tell a story. It’s not always easy, but every time I draw, the act of discovery feels fresh and new.” — Gavin Snider 

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Illustrator • New York

Gavin Snider

Gavin Snider is an Illustrator based in New York City. His work has been featured in publications like The New York Times and My Modern Met, as well locations like the Grand Central Terminal.

Gavin creates watercolor illustrations inspired by the little moments he sees around him that are worth remembering. Through detailed observation and expressionistic application of watercolor, Gavin’s artwork tells a story and relays the essence of each landscape. For Gavin, his work is as much about the building or subject itself as the experience of drawing or painting. By capturing the ephemeral moments in life, his work transports us into these landscapes and invites us to experience the weather, light, season and people as he did.

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