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Emma Repp

Press | Refinery, Gotham, Barrons

Exhibitions | The Other Art Fair

Education | BFA – Printmaking, U-M

Influence | 13,600 Followers

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Mixed Media Artist • Washington

About Emma Repp

"I'm inspired to find peace amongst the chaos of life, and express this through bold, patterns, colors, textures and shapes.”


Emma Repp is an illustrator based in Seattle, Washington. Her work has been featured in publications like Domino, Gotham, and Create Magazine. Originally trained as a printmaker, Emma employs a similar calculated process and layered aesthetic to create surreal images from an array of handmade and digital elements. Emma is inspired by our ability to find peace amongst the chaos of everyday life, and expresses this feeling through the collage of bold, patterns, colors, textures and shapes. Looking at her work is like getting lost in an alternate reality, where colors and patterns are sprinkled with fairy dust. The whimsical and shimmering worlds she creates feel familiar and comforting, yet invoke our imagination for further exploration.

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