“My lips are always meticulously placed to remind us that nature is always calling for us to live in harmony.” — Ella Jazz 

'Libre' Limited Edition Print Ella Jazz 'Libre' Limited Edition Print Ella Jazz


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Mixed Media Artist • Spain

Ella Jazz

Ella Jazz is a collage artist based in Madrid, Spain. Her work has been featured in publications like Office Magazine, Fast Company, and Vice. She has collaborated with top brands such as Bisous Skateboards, TwelveNYC, and FortyFive Ten.

Ella creates feminine, surreal collage art purely inspired by her imagination. Ella’s early love of collage as a child evolved into an exploration of the cut-and-paste medium, which she creates by hand. Inspired by human interaction with mother nature, her intricate collages feature her signature motif: female lips meticulously placed over terrestrial backdrops. Ella’s juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated elements along with her exploration of bold color is a call to remember the beauty of nature and our ability to love it and ourselves even more.

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