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David Esquivel

Press | Oprah

Recognition | Museum of Modern Art, SF

Exhibitions | Galerie Tracanelli (France)

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Painter • Illinois

About David M. Esquivel

“I do my best to make work that feels as if time itself has eroded everything, leaving behind what is most resilient and important.”

David M. Esquivel is a self-taught painter based in Aurora, Illinois. He has presented solo exhibitions internationally, and his work has been featured by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. His distinctly colorful and energetic landscapes are both lighthearted and deeply meaningful. Each piece features geometric shapes and patterns that together form self-contained worlds. The delicately balanced elements create abstract vistas that are simultaneously foreign and familiar. David’s practice is spontaneous; he uses his first mark as inspiration and then relies on his intuitive sense to find equilibrium. This harmonious balance appears simple, but is in fact masterful. The relationship between each element and shape represents the relationships between humans inhabiting the earth together, and the sense of love that holds the natural world together. In David’s pieces, timeless forms coexist, practicing resilience, compromise, and care. We invite you to float through his work and to find this sense of harmony and joy reflected back to you. 

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