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Britt Fabello

Clients | Belmond Hotel (Italy), Park Hyatt (CA), JW Marriott (TX)

Exhibitions | Voss Gallery (CA), PoptArt Gallery (UK)

Influence | 14,200+ Followers

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Mixed Media Artist • Maine

About Britt Fabello

"I hope these pieces inspire people to find places that help ground them and clear their minds."

Britt Fabello is an artist living and working in Portland, Maine. After studying at the University of Southern Maine and Montserrat College of Art, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and since then, her work has been featured in galleries around the world.

Britt collaborated with Spacey to represent her textural, hand-sewn pieces into archival-quality, limited-edition prints. Each piece is a meditative translation of our natural surroundings — a peaceful place for our eyes to rest. We love how she uses quiet colors, soft textures, and meticulous stitching to create compositions that exist in harmony. Each piece invites us to embark on a mental journey through nature, eventually leading us to a clear and fresh state of mind.

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