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Ashley Mary

Press | Domino, Design Sponge, The Glossary

Collaborations | West Elm

Installations | Starbucks, NFL, FIGMA

Influence | +89,000 Followers


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Painter • Minnesota

Ashley Mary

“I hope the commonalities between the shapes, colors and objects in my work inspires you to see the patterns in your own world.”

Ashley Mary is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She graduated with an MA in Graphic/Web Design from MCAD and has since been featured in top publications like Domino, The Glossary, Amadeus, and more.

Ashley’s paintings spark a sense of wonder from onlookers. Her bold color play, thick textures, and graphic patterns are not to be missed. These elements ‘play’ together on the canvas in a way that awakens our curiosity, inspires moments of observation and creates space for new experiences.

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