Key Data

Anthony Zinonos

Press | Political, Harper's Bazaar, WSJ

Clients | Miu Miu, Kodak, Clinique

Education | BFA, School of Art and Design, UK

Influence | 15,000+ Followers


Featured in

Mixed Media Artist • California

About Anthony Zinonos

“I focus on simplicity and clarity in style to leave room for others to form their own unique narratives.”

Anthony Zinonos is a British collage artist and illustrator, now based California. His work has been featured in publications like Harper's Bazaar, The Wall Street Journal and Architectural Digest. He has collaborated with top brands such as Miu Miu, Kodak, and Clinique. Always on the lookout for old books and magazines, Anthony collages minimalist color planes and playful human cut-outs to create memorable moments that pop out of the page. He applies his unique collage style to a wide range of editorial, advertising, book illustration, murals, animation and 3D work. Anthony's bold yet simplistic style makes engaging with fine art approachable and enjoyable. 

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