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Anjelica Roselyn

Press | Vogue, Elle, NYT

Clients | Dior

Education | London College of Fashion (UK)

Influence | 16,800+ Followers

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Illustrator • United Kingdom

About Anjelica Roselyn

“My work is inspired by high fashion and high energy. I hope collectors can feel the supercool, superhuman energy I infused into each piece.”

Anjelica is a renown illustrator based in London who has worked with top clients such as Vogue, Dior, The New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Magazine, and many more. She graduated from London College of Fashion with a BA in Fashion Design Technology, where she now teaches a professor. Her high-fashion illustrations celebrate personal style, embrace expansive identities, and showcase fashion as a creative form of self expression. She creates portraits that inspires us to step outside ourselves. Her characters that represent a more magical, powerful, and beautiful version of life — where everyday moments are an opportunity to indulge in luxury. She reminds us that style is not only for the eyes of others, but a treat for ourselves. The women in her work reflect an air of self-satisfaction and confidence that is irresistible.

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