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Andres Reisinger

Press | Artnet, Quartz, Dezeen

Awards | Forbes 30 under 30

Auctions | Christie's (NY)

Record Price | $118,000

Influence | 160,000+ Followers

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Digital Artist • Spain

Andrés Reisinger

“I hope that when you enter into my rooms, you feel as peaceful as I was when I created them.”

Andrés Reisinger is a 3D digital artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and based in Barcelona, Spain. Andrés has collaborated with interior and furniture designers around the world, including Patricia Urquiola, Cassina, and Ikea, as well as global brands like Microsoft, Nike and Uniqlo. Because of his explorative visual approach, Andrés has been recognized as one of the Young Guns Art Directors Club by The One Club for Creativity New York and has been selected by Forbes as 30under30 Europe into Arts & Style. Andrés' artwork takes us to places we can only imagine. His digitally-designed dreamscapes are free from the boundaries of reality. Through his 3D digital approach, Andrés builds spaces, architecture, sculptures, and concepts entirely from his imagination. His work is so calming and serene it is nearly spiritual.

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