New NFT Collection:
New NFT Collection:

New NFT Collection: 'ALTER EGOS'

At Spacey, our vision is to inspire everyone to collect art — offering collectors fine art by award-winning artists at a fraction of the blue-chip price. Our team remains committed to bringing you the highest quality art, especially as the landscape becomes more and more digitized. We are excited to be the first emerging fine art company to announce our entry into the world of NFTs. NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) are digital assets making a big splash in the art world and beyond, with the global NFT market reaching $338 million in 2020

On October 8th, we are dropping our first collection, ALTER EGOS – an exclusive collaboration with world-renowned illustrator Anjelica Roselyn, who has worked with top clients such as Vogue, Dior, The New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle Magazine. Anjelica's vibrant, bold avatars embody a high fashion approach never seen in the NFT space. We are eager to step into this explosive new community, with an emphasis on curation, sustainability, and diversity that’s rarely seen in this industry. 

  • SUSTAINABLE: By launching on an energy-efficient platform, you can feel confident about your investment. Leveraging Cardano, the world’s third largest blockchain, we want to empower consumers to collect NFTs with sustainability in mind
  • DIVERSE: By continuing our commitment to collaborating with 80% of our artists from underrepresented communities, you can champion inclusivity in the arts.  Like the current art world, the crypto industry is primarily dominated by men and we want to bridge the gap by empowering female artists and collectors to invest in NFTs. 
  • VALUABLE: By bringing our expertise in curating award-winning artists, you can trust that you’re collecting investment-worthy fine art. We are excited to bring our unique approach to the NFT world by taking it one step further to inspire people to bring their NFT home as a framed, archival-quality print. 

Here’s how it worksWe hope to inspire people to find themselves in ALTER EGOS and treasure these unique pieces for a lifetime. 

  1. First, collect your NFT, which will be delivered directly to your crypto wallet. Buyers can invest using cryptocurrency (ADA). 
  2. After you collect your NFT, submit a quick Q&A about yourself and Anjelica will use this to transform your NFT into a customized commission. 
  3. Finally, your customized commission will be airdropped to your crypto wallet and delivered to you as an archival-quality framed art print.

First-time collector? We want to make it easier for everyone to collect NFTs.

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  • Read this article to learn more about NFTs. 

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Collect and customize very own NFT avatar from Anjelica Roselyn.