Gift an NFT this Holiday Season
Gift an NFT this Holiday Season Image

Embellish your phone with a new personalized digital background. 

Gift an NFT this Holiday Season Image

Show off your new NFT on your social media pages with a brand new, one-of-a-kind PFP. 

Gift an NFT this Holiday Season Image

Make the digital physical with a high-quality framed print of your personal NFT.

Gift an NFT this Holiday Season Image
Gift an NFT this Holiday Season Image

Personalize your ALTER EGO with custom traits to show off your style. 

Gift an NFT this Holiday Season

NFTs are THE go-to gift this year. This holiday season, give a gift that's unique, trendy, and fun! Do something special for the techies, art lovers, and people in your life who don't need anything new. A one-of-a-kind NFT by an award-winning illustrator is a gift they'll never forget. 

Here's 5 reasons why NFTs make the perfect gift.

1. NFTs reflect our lives.
We live in the digital realm. Now our gifts can too! Give them something they can take with them wherever they go — on their phones, social media, and beyond. 

2. They don't take up any space.
Make Marie Kondo proud and give a gift that won't take up extra closet space or clutter up your coffee table. NFTs can be minimalist or maximalist, colorful or subtle, and no matter what, they won't ever be in the way!

3. It's as easy as purchasing any other artwork on Spacey.
We make collecting NFTs simple and speedy. No crypto knowledge necessary. Add to cart and complete checkout in USD (with a credit card) or using cryptocurrency — your choice!

4. They are a true one-of-a-kind gift.
ALTER EGOS is a collection of high-fashion illustrations that celebrate personal style, embrace expansive identities, and showcase fashion as a powerful expression of self. The collection is an opportunity to step outside ourselves. Alter Ego NFTs are an exclusive Spacey x Anjelica collection of 100 unique, 1/1 NFTs. You can choose which piece best represents yourself, or your giftee, and give them something personal AND personalized. 

5. With Spacey, you can also receive a high-quality physical print.
Giving an NFT doesn't mean you have to give up on the unwrapping experience. When you collect an NFT with Spacey, we'll also send you (or your giftee) an original print of your NFT, so you can enjoy it in the metaverse and in your physical space. 


Not sure which one to pick? 
Give a gift card so they can pick out their very own ALTER EGO!