Curator Chats: Elisa Bustos On Jocelyn Tsaih
Curator Chats: Elisa Bustos On Jocelyn Tsaih

Curator Chats: Elisa Bustos On Jocelyn Tsaih

What's your name and role at Spacey?
Elisa Bustos, Art Director

Which is your favorite piece in the collection?
My favorite piece is "Leading the Way."

What do you love about this work?
I love that I can recognize her work anywhere through her anonymous figures. They allow for anyone to see themselves in the scene and the stories that she tells through her work.

I love it because I feel it represents me the most in the journey of this series. The past year has been a year of rediscovery and reconnecting with passions that I had left aside. I now feel these past versions of myself are with me accompanying me in whatever the future holds. When I look at this piece I feel comforted by the reminder that I am a human being that grows and changes, and that I can have fun while doing it. Visually, I love how symmetrical this piece is, really reflecting the companionship between shadow and figure.

What cultural trends inspired the story behind this collection?
This September, as we come out of the celebratory days of summer, we are seeing people head back to everyday life with a new sense of purpose. We had so much time to 'be with ourselves' during the pandemic, and in turn, we learned so much about ourselves. Now, people are confident in their capability to create change. Whether that's for themselves or the greater good, there is an overall pursuit of purpose that is defining this moment.

Anything else we should know about the curation process or this work?
It was interesting to see how Jocelyn made the initial concept of "identity" her own. She brought her personal experience into the narrative, talking about the different layers and versions she finds in her past, and how these versions of herself are brought into her present and future. I love how vulnerable Jocelyn is in her work, and really allows the viewer to see themselves in those experiences.

What color inspired the style of this collection?
The series was inspired by Black and White. This color scheme is inspired by the purpose of these pieces. We want them to feel clear and empowering. We want them to represent someone in motion, inspired, with purpose. We want pieces where the identity is abstract so we can see all human identities in each piece. We are looking for a piece in black and white because we want to curate a piece that represents this moment of power and clarity. Black and white are the two most extreme ends of the color spectrum but as the saying goes - opposites attract. Together, these colors create an impactful “pop.”