Anjelica Roselyn Channels Self-Care Greatness

Anjelica Roselyn Channels Self-Care Greatness

Meet Anjelica Roselynan illustrator based in London, whose work has been featured everywhere from The Washington Post to NYMag. Spacey collaborated with Anjelica on an exclusive limited-edition series, and we had the opportunity to talk to her more about the inspiration behind her artwork. 


Anjelica, why did you become an artist?

It is what I am. When I create, I feel serenity.

What inspires your work?

My work is inspired by fashion, makeup, high energy!

What is the concept behind your Spacey series?

Self-Care was the main inspiration for me. I think we have all found a new relationship with ourselves and our care routine this year wether it is simple relaxation or rituals through collection of objects. I think there is something very meditative with the latter and that was my biggest influence with creating these works.

How did you translate this creative concept into art?

I wanted to create very different pieces. Experimenting with color and pattern is one of my biggest rituals and I wanted to convey that in my pieces. 

Tell us more about your artistic process!

It all starts with inspiration. Once I see something I am inspired by, I can instantly see how I want to interpret it. My favorite moment is when I start to realize my idea the way I envisioned.

How do you hope these works inspire collectors?

I hope these works inspire people to feel a sense of positivity. I think we need to see rituals as a positive, uplifting part of life. I hope this pieces make people feel inspired, energized, happy, and hopeful.