Collector Interview with Kate Hoffman

Meet Kate Hoffman, the founder of Spacey Studios, and learn why collecting she loves living with her piece - 'There are No Branches without Trees' by the renown digital artist, Andres Resigner


Kate, tell us more about you and what you do!

I am the Founder of Spacey Studios where I lead a team reimagining the future of the fine art world! I love that we can help people around the world experience living with art they love. 


What artwork did you collect and where is it in your home?

The latest piece I collected from Spacey is 'No Branches without Trees' by Andres Resigner.  This piece lives in my living room. I love that it makes this space feel dreamy, stylish, magical.


When do you like to look at your artwork?

My favorite moment to look at this piece is at dusk with a glass of wine. It's my favorite way to wind down at home and drift out of 'work brain', into a more peaceful world. 


What inspired you to collect this piece?

Some of my favorite elements of my artwork to look at are the colors and textures. I love how the soft pink color and glistening texture create a magical feel that first connected me to the piece.



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