Collector Interview with Ali Labelle

Meet Ali Labelle, the Creative Director of, and learn why collecting she loves living with her piece - 'Date Palms in Carrro' by artist, Delta Venus


Tell us more about you and what you do!

I'm a creative director based in California. Most of my work revolves around collaborating with artists, photographers, and writers to create products, campaigns, or experiences that tell stories. I love that process – piecing a project together as a team. When you can tap into a shared creative consciousness it's so gratifying to see it all come together in a meaningful way.


What artwork did you collect and where is it in your home?

I collected Delta Venus' 'Date Palms in Cairo.' This piece lives in my living room. I love that it makes my living room feel peaceful, nostalgic, and adventurous.


When you look at your artwork, what do you think of?

'Date Palms in Cairo' is a really serene, almost mirage-esque piece, like you're coming up on a little oasis from far away. I used to get that feeling growing up when we'd drive to my grandparents' house in the California desert – you could see the date palms on the edge of Palm Springs from a couple of miles away after driving through dusty, brown sand dunes for a while, and this piece makes me nostalgic for that feeling.


What inspired you to collect this piece?

I think Delta Venus' work is beautiful and I was so excited to have a piece of hers in my home. My goal is to build a gallery wall around this piece.



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