Artist Interview with Yomagick

Meet Maciek Martyniuk, aka Yomagick — a digital artist and designer from Poland whose work has been shown everywhere from Wallpaper Magazine to The Tax Collection. Spacey collaborated with Yomagick on an exclusive, limited-edition art series and had the opportunity to talk to him more about the inspiration behind his series. 


Yomagick, why did you become an artist?

I love being an artist because I can visualize my thoughts through an image, and try to create universal meanings. When I create, I feel better.

What inspires your work?

The idea of mixing idyll with surrealism.


What is the concept behind your Spacey series?

Finding something mysterious and unique in everyday life.


Tell us more about your artistic process!

I naturally tend to overthink reality then i try to create simplicity that communicate something that's unique.

How do you hope these works inspire collectors?

I hope these pieces inspire collectors to appreciate life more, and feel 'awake' to the uniqueness of being alive.

Is there a feeling you hope these pieces bring into people's lives?

Dreamy, aware, observatory, relaxed, curious.