Artist Interview with Heather Polk

Meet Heather Polk  a collage-artist based in Chicago, Illinois whose work has been featured everywhere from the Washington Post to NY Mag. Spacey collaborated with Heather on an exclusive, limited-edition art series and had the opportunity to talk to her more about the inspiration behind her series. 


Heather, why did you become an artist?

I love being an Artist because its a beautiful escape, I can exercise my personal freedom and break rules, it's my art and there are no rules! 

When I create, I feel at peace and empowered. 

What inspires your work?

My work is inspired by my lived experiences, my curiosities, my moods/feelings, reflections on imagery, or text consumed, and my reflections on Black culture. My art is also inspired by my desire to escape reality and to go into my own creative world.


What is the concept behind your Spacey series?

My inspiration for this series is the idea of connection - to self and others. Connecting with loved ones and maintaining personal wellbeing. The Covid 19 global pandemic has given us all time to reflect on the beauty connection and the importance of defining our own brand of self-care.


How did you translate this creative concept into art?

The connection concept is expressed in the exchange of flowers between a man and a woman, also the two connected hands anchored by the hearts. Touch is powerful and we're missing regularly embracing and connecting with our loved ones as a result of the pandemic. The bare legs and the one arm holding the flowers inspired thoughts of being with by ourselves and being at peace with that; the flower is in bloom, signaling we can thrive despite being alone.


Tell us more about your artistic process!

I start with images from magazines and occasionally books, then I play around with pairing the pieces found to create or story, and finally, I adhere the pieces to paper, canvas, or a board.

How do you hope these works inspire collectors?

I hope people can reflect on positive memories and joyous times, past and present and look forward to the future. I want people are inspired to reinvent themselves and own the moment by taking advantage of what we have. Technology has enabled many of us to still feel connected and be more present with the people we are usually separated from as a result of school and work. It's not easy managing work and school in the same home, but I believe many of us have found out how resilient we are. 

Is there a feeling you hope these pieces bring into people's lives?

I hope these pieces inspire people feel empowered, inspired and appreciated.