Artist Interview with Britt Fabelo

Meet Britt Fabello — a textile artist living and working in Portland, Maine,  whose work has been featured everywhere from 301 Gallery in the U.S. to PoptArt Gallery in the U.K. Spacey collaborated with Britt on an exclusive, limited-edition art series and had the opportunity to talk to her more about the inspiration behind her artwork.  


Britt, why did you become an artist?

I love being an Artist because it is a way to communicate things that we often don't have the words to describe.

When I create, I fee at peace and energized.

What inspires your work?

My work is inspired by the energy that is felt through my observations of the environment around me.


What is the concept behind your Spacey series?

The inspiration behind the Ritual series draws from our connection to nature and its ability to help guide us in uncertain times. The artwork focuses on the meditative act of sewing while also rooting its meaning in how the trails we take guide us, the sun reminds us to continue to rise, and the ocean can clear way for a fresh new moment.


How did you translate this creative concept into art?

Inspired by these moments in nature, each scene builds a moment of clarity through the shapes of mountains, trees, paths, and the ocean's movements. The organic compositions help highlight the soft texture of the thread, creating a peaceful place for your eyes to rest.


Tell us more about your artistic process!

When I create art, I start my drawing rough sketches from details of scenes I've documented through fuller sketches or photographs. Then I create simplified thumbnails that envision the blocks of color the thread will create when woven into the paper. When it comes time to sew the final piece, I poke holes through the paper to outline my firsts shape. Then I sew that line, and repeat until the composition is filled in and balanced just right.

How do you hope these works inspire collectors?

I hope these pieces inspire people to find places that help ground them and clear their minds.

Is there a feeling you hope these pieces bring into people's lives?

I hope these pieces inspire people feel peaceful, open, empowered, curious, and free.