Artist Interview with Ashley Mary

Meet Ashley Mary a multi-disciplinary artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, whose work has been featured everywhere from Domino Magazine to Design Loop. Spacey collaborated with Ashley on an exclusive, limited-edition art series and had the opportunity to talk to her more about the inspiration behind her series. 


Ashley, why did you become an artist?

I love being an Artist because I am the most whole version of myself when I'm making. When I create, I feel whole.

What inspires your work?

My work is inspired by arranged objects, nature, printed ephemera, vintage magazines, typography, patterns, childhood visuals.


What is the concept behind your Spacey series?

Paying attention to whole of your surroundings: people, places, things. Noting patterns in your world that you might need to react to, sit with, learn from.


How did you translate this creative concept into art?

There is a sense of pattern and shared characteristics in this series. I love seeing the commonalities between objects whether that be shape, pattern, or color. I'm an arranger by nature, sorting things and creating relationship between them somehow. The "eye" is symbolic of seeing/witnessing, and the response that comes with that pouring out, being held by the shape below.


Tell us more about your artistic process!

I often times start with cut paper from thrifted old magazines and scraps. I arrange them till I find a balance and relationship between the pieces. Then I paint the composition, allowing the painting to veer from the original collage, surprises and mistakes are necessary and often what brings the piece to life.

How do you hope these works inspire collectors?

I hope these pieces inspire people to slow down, pay attention, listen to what's happening around you, and then allow yourself to react/shift/change accordingly. The universe has lots to teach us, humanity and earth need us to pay attention but if we're caught up in the hustle, we rarely can see what's right in front of us.

Is there a feeling you hope these pieces bring into people's lives?

I hope these pieces inspire people feel open, curious, attentive.